About Me

Thanks for checkin’ out my site!

My name is Caleb, I’m from Rochester, IN and originally grew up in Elkhart. I have two older brothers, Thomas and Elliot, and a little sister named Emily. I also have an amazing girlfriend named Bethany. My family and girlfriend are everything to me!

My strongest skills are within the front-end web development area. I have always been a very visual person and working with user interfaces and responsive design has been very rewarding for me. I enjoy creating interesting and unique applications and have a deep understanding of the software development life-cycle.

I also have a passion and eye for art which transfers nicely into my love for programming and creating. Growing up I did a lot of pencil drawings and video making, nowadays my interests lie in writing generative art programs and Arduino projects. Coding has opened up so many different interests in my life and I am excited to continue discovering new and exciting concepts every day.

Outside of coding, I really enjoy gaming, fitness activities, traveling, and cars. I love getting my heart-rate up and finding exciting activities that get my adrenaline rushing. This includes snowboarding, biking, weightlifting, golfing, and I’ve even been skydiving. Cars have been a big part of my life and I’m particularity fond of working on them and modifying my own. My Dad taught me most of what I know when it comes to cars and its become a major hobby of mine.

I try my hardest to keep an active lifestyle and learn something new every day. My curiosity keeps my creativity alive, and I can’t wait to see what the future holds!