Web Sites/Apps

Art Portfolio Landing Page

Landing page for an art-type portfolio.

HTML5, CSS3, p5.js, jQuery, TweenMax

Hike's Peak

Fictional travel agency that books trips.

HTML5, CSS3, jQuery

Tech Talk

Site that offers subscriptions to tech-related news.


Arnarson's Icelandic Tours

Fictional client that offers tours of Iceland.

HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, Typer.js

Weather App

Weather application that displays the user’s weather by their location and also displays various weather data from cities around the world.

HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, OpenWeather API

Jimothy Johannes

This is a fully autonomous Twitter bot that I made named Jimothy Johannes. Jimothy gathers trending topics and makes tweets based on news, events, and people. He mentions users in his tweets that are talking about the same topic. He is currently inactive.

Node.js, Twitter API, News API, DuckDuckGo API

Wikipedia Search

Basic application that searches Wikipedia for pages based on the user’s input. Clicking the page title will link the user to that Wikipedia page.

HTML5, CSS3, Angular, Wikipedia API